Help! Flashed DRU18a and now it doesn't recognize Any discs



Good grief, you are having problems I have never seen, in the nine years I’ve been working with optical drives.

Have you examined the registry entries as these instructions say to? Do you have the optical drive showing up in Device Manager?


Yeah. It’s showing up. I really have no idea what to do. I’ve been working on this 5 days. I’m hoping it’s only the optical drive.


I had similar recurrent issue with one of my Hard Drives NAME (example: MaXLiNe) retained by windows 7 and associated every time with it’s older drive letter, knowing that I’ve been swapping optical drives SSDs and HDDs a lot lately and have usb card reader with multiple drive showing in windows explorer, everytime a new drive, even USB stick is added,and takes the older driver letter,it carries automatically that drive name!

      I was actually looking for a tool to " clear the association drive letter- drive name" from windows 7  drive manager memory : I think you just provided it , so thanks for the post very much, will give it a try shortly.


No problem. Thanks for the help guys! Got a Gorgeous Sony DWU-840A, put it in and voila! Works like a charge. I see now that either I drive died after flash or it was already on it’s last leg before the flash… SOLVED! LOL ALL SMILES!