Help fixing A/V sync on avi file?



i have searched this topic and found loads of information on fixing sync problems on MPEG files, but none on AVI files, so any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

i have 3 avi files that i am trying to join together before i convert them to dvd (via the guide). one of these files has is 30.0368fps (no idea why!) and the other 2 are the standard NTSC.

i either need to convert all 3 seperately with dvd2svcd (i know this will automatically convert the 30fps file to NTSC) then put them on one dvd (but i have no idea how to put separate files on one dvd)


join the 3 avi files together BEFORE conversion. obviously, nandub/virtualdub won’t allow me to join files of different fps though. i know i could change the framerate first but it throws the sync out and i don’t know how to fix sync problems with avi files :confused:

thanks again for any suggestions :smiley:



Just encode each AVI to DVDR separately following the guide, but if they are of equal length (time wise) then select the CD size in Bitrate tab to be 1/3 of 4400 = 1466

Best would be to use DVDLab or Maestro to author them rather than TMPGenc DVD Author. Read the tute for DVDLab at on how to join the movies together


Extract the audio from the 30.0368fps one and change its length so that it is 29.976fps, either by cutting or changing speed… Whichever keeps it in sync.

Then just frameserve all three parts to CCE or whatever you usually use to encode.

Something like:

part1 = avisource(“part1.avi”)
part2 = avisource(“part2.avi”,false).assumefps(29.976
audio2 = wavsource(“adjusted.wav”)
part2 = audiodub(part2,audio2)
part3 = avisource(“part3.avi”)
return part1++part2++part3


thanks for the suggestions, i’ll try them now and let you know how it goes :bow: