Help Finding the Correct Driver for the AX5670 1GBD5-NS3H ATI Adapter



Two months ago I purchased the AX5670 1GBD5-NS3H card from Amazon and it worked great, At the time I was running Windows Xp. Recently I formatted my hard drive and installed Windows 7. During the install process Windows 7 searched for and installed what it thought to be the correct driver but after reboot my screen was black.

Since that time I’ve been trying to locate the correct driver on AMDs website, First of all I don’t even see an AX… series. There is an HD… series but I don’t know if their the same. I tried downloading different drivers a couple of times from the HD5700 series (HD5600 series not listed) but in each case during the install I get a crash (blue screen of death).

I understand previous installed versions must be uninstalled before installing a new one but there’s no indication any previous drivers exist.



Try uninstalling the driver. Then run driver sweeper, get it HERE. Then reboot. Go to on the right select desktop graphics, the HD 5xxx series, your OS.


Before running driver sweeper I could install the ATI driver to completion but ended up with a black screen after reboot. I ran driver sweeper, removing all instances of ATI then attempted to install the ATI driver but it failed early on with the blue screen of death!

I can’t go back to my previous adapter (nvida quadro) because there are no Windows 7 drivers available.

Even though I only bought this card less than 30 days ago from Amazon, I doubt I can return it since I no longer have the original packaging it came in.

If I have to purchase another card, what is the recommendation? My requirements are it must have an HDMI output WITH sound in the cable so I can connect to my HDTV and while I’m not a gamer, I do work a lot with video and images so I require a pretty beefy card.


Can you list all your hardware?


If it’s the same issue I’ve had, Use F8 to get the boot menu, select the low res 640x480 option, then when it boots, adjust to match the correc t resolution for the monitor - mine always starts in a mode the monitor won’t handle after a display driver update reboot.

Is it black - monitor goes to standby?


Could be some chipset drivers that need to be updated perhaps.



You might have old nvidia drivers that are causing trouble. Try running driver sweeper again to remove the nvidia video drivers. Make sure all those drivers are first deleted the normal way with add/remove. You could also do a registry clean with “CCleaner” (free).