Help finding song?

I cant find G.B.A by FGFC820 anywhere on the net. I had it downloading before, but the power went out at 32% and I haven’t been able to get the tracker to work ever since. The only way I can find to get it is to pay almost $20 for the cd. I dont like the rest of the cd, I just want the one song. I have it sitting at 32.7% right now, and it wont budge. Anyone know anywhere I can get this song???

You mean God Bless America?

Man…you can download that everywhere…free…

Nah? Buy the album…it’s good! And you get to support artists…that’s a good thing.

EDIT: $15.98 new at, or used from $9.28

EDIT #2 and on eBay…“Buy it Now” for $7.70 …amazing really…the innernets is good ja!


Shipping on amazon for the CD is nearly $20, and the one your looking at on ebay works out to nearly $20 for the cd. Like I said, I only like that one song, but its listed everywhere as G.B.A, so thats what I looked for.
I just exhausted all the sources I can find with “god bless america” I found everything but that song >.< Anywhere specific??

I would suggest trying a few online download stores such as iTunes, Napster, etc. as most of these charge just 99c per track if any have it. If you need to play it on an MP3 player which doesn’t have compatible DRM with the store, a workaround would be to burn the track to CD and then use any Audio CD ripping application to extract and convert it to an MP3.

However it is against our forum rules to discuss about the unofficial downloading of copyrighted works.

Hey B10Reaper…practically none of the online stores have any FGFC820 but you can track them and their albums and order whatever you need from

Good luck

(dammit…now I’m hooked on the stuff too :p)

I read the rules, I don’t see anything saying it would be against the rules to post a link to the site I found the song at, just to request it.