Help finding my past firmware

I had a FW on my 3500 that gave me 16x with 8x maxell002, and now I cant find what one it was! I flashed the drive to something else, and now I cant remember what fw gave me the 16x with these discs. Im pretty sure it was based on 2.18 stock.
Can someone who knows give me a link or the name at least of which one I need?
Thanks SO much

EDIT: :slight_smile: Never mind I got it!!

Probably one of the modded 2.FC firmware.

Maybe my V3 Extreme… I have MAXELL 002 set to 16x.

I found one that does it , although its not the same one I had before. I getting so-so burns with it though. I wonder if something is wrong, where Id have to reinstall windows to fix the burn quality.I didnt even let it finish the scan.