Help finding Firmware

Yes,I’am very new to doing PC upgrading and such stuff.I’am getting ready to add another dvd burner to my pc.I currently have a HP Dual-layer LightScribe DVD /CD Writer drive.Anmd plan on adding another burner.My current burner came with Sonic software.Where can I find software for my new burner?It’s a OEM burner.

Do you want firmware or software? Big difference. If you want to check to see if there is newer firmware for your old drive, go to HP’s site and search according to the model number of your drive or start with the model computer you have.

What is the make and model of your new drive? The Firmware Page is a good place to look for newer firmwares, though you should test your burner before using any new firmware, and be aware that an unofficial firmware will invalidate your warranty.

If you are looking for an alternative burning program there are a few free ones available. Imgburn is a popular program. I use it almost exclusively for my videos these days, but with the build feature, it can be used as a general purpose program also. Go to the site and look for the guides in their forum.
Burrn is a free program for making audio cds —

And if you are looking for a commercial product, Ones is often recommended. You can find a demo here
And there is always Nero, though it is a huge download anymore.

Do you just not like the Sonic program that came with the first burner? It may work perfectly well with the newer drive, you’d just have to try it.