Help finding dvd convertor for home movies

I just bought a Lite-on dvd recorder (standalone that plugs into tv) to backup home 8mm movies.
What is a good way to convert these dvd’s so that I can edit them with Adobe Premiere or programs like premiere?

I had bought an ATI All-in-Wonder 9700 (I think that was the model), but for some reason when I capture the video through the analog inputs, I can’t get DVD quality compression. I have a lot of lag and dropped frames.

I contacted the company and did everything they said to. I bought a fast harddrive with 200 gb space. I have a AMD 2100 processor, 512 mb ram, liteon cd-r and dvd-r, soundblaster audigy 2.

Of course ATI says it’s the software and Pinnacle says its ATI. Why can’t I capture and edit home movies??

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Is there a good DVD to (whatever the best compression is) convertor?? I don’t want to rip illegal movies, just edit self made dvd-r’s.

Thanks for reading this. This forum is great. Hopefully I’m in the right forum for this question.


I picked up an ADS PYRO A/V link for around $149.00 on ebay, and it works great. I’ve converted dozens of old home movies with no video/audio sync problems, and very-very few dropped frames. I only seem to get dropped frames when the video starts and stops with gaps inbetween them. Even then the dropped frames are only 2 or 3 if ever.

Thanks for the response. What quality compression are you getting with the convertor. Also, have you tried running a live feed, (video cam) with it?

Maybe this ATI capture device isn’t all its cracked up to be.


I have not tried live feed. I haved captured from vhs, and from Digital Video (direct from camera), and the quality is very good. If you want more information about capture devices and ratings, check out “”.

I use a digital pass through. My VCR/any player hooks up to my digital camcorder then a fire wire from my camcorder to my computer. I used Sonic My DVD. I guess you could use USB to do the same thing?