Help finding a song

Yeah, George Michael’s Freedom is perfect for parties. I’d like to have some tv or radio shows with 80’s music.

Hey, where have you been living??? There are radio shows with 80’s…. There are many radio stations playing this kind of music. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the 80’s music is great, I like to listen to it besides some other songs that are popular these days. I dunno, it just puts me in a good mood. I don’t mind it that my parents used to listen to the same music. :))I think I still have some vinyl records from them with what was popular those days.

Hey, do u remember madonna’s album from the 80’s “like a virgin”? Cool tracks, if u ask me. Just a couple of days ago I was searching for a song from that album, material girl or something like that. I heard it on my car’s radio, I guess I must have stumbled upon one of those radios clarck was talkin’ about.

As deshawn said I listened with my parents a song from 80’s once and they started to remember how they had met and spent their first time together. :)) It was so funny to hear how that time was…

What radio do you guys listen?? I searched a little bit but I couldn’t find one… I wouldn’t like to listen in my car coz I don’t have one :d, but on my pc would be perfect to listen. :smiley:

Well I don’t listen to a certain radio station usually,I just stumbled upon this one by accident probably.But it would be great to have that music on a cd maybe, this way I could rewind and listen to the ones I like more than one time.


Just google it, there are a lot of radios u can find on the web that stream online the 80’s music.

Yeah, I guess you’re right… I did search and found this radioxnetwork, it’s nice but not all the played music I like and I’d like to have a radio station which can play only nice music. Coz this way I have to wait a long time to play one of my favorite track. :smiley:

Wow, this one would be great but still they won’t ever play only what we like, so you have to wait till your track is played…:d That would be great if we could record the music we like :slight_smile:

I sometimes listen to one of the sky fm channels that plays this music, but this is just one example of the many stations that are on the web. I usually like to listen to these on my pc when I’m at work, I just put my headphones. This way I don’t get distracted by anyone.

It would be something to be able to record some radio shows with this kind of music. I have a couple of cd’s but I’d love to have more of this music.:bigsmile:

Hey, you made me curious and searched for those web radios and they play nice music but not all the time and I think it’d be perfect what that Clark said to record some tracks from those radios.

Gee, is that legal??? And how to record music from radios?? Are you serious? Or just joking…

Dunno, to be honest it never crossed my mind until now.

These days anything is possible…Anyways, I don’t think it’s illegal…What about in the old days when they used to record radio shows on a cassette? Nobody had any problems with that.

Yeah, I think you’re right, that time when you heard a song you liked you could record on cassettes. But still, nowadays almost everything changed and you don’t know what’s legal or not.

Hey, I did a search on google cause I was curious and there are many tools for streaming radio stations… I didn’t try yet one of those tools but I think it’s cool cause at some of them you can choose the station you want to rip, as far as I understood…

Yeah, but I still say it’s not illegal. It would be a great easy way to get some music. Never tried it, but a friend of mine mentioned he has some app he uses to record some web radios he likes. Don’t really recall exactly what app he had.

Hey regarding the legality, it is illegal only if you share your recorded music with other persons, so if you want to record only for your personal use you can record it with no fear. I had once a tool like this but I don’t remember its name coz I didn’t use it for a long time coz I didn’t like how it recorded tracks and gave up using it. :d