Help finding a song

Hello, I’m wondering if someone can help me to find a song… It’s a 80’s hit, but I don’t remember the artist’s or song’s name… It’s about 2 persons who never met before but they spent a night together and still they meet again after a couple of year and she was holding a baby in her arms… It’s a love story but I can’t remember much… :rolleyes:

Hi, I’m a big fan of the 80’s music so maybe I could be of some help .
It doesn’t ring a bell that much, maybe if u could be more specific…
The details u gave, are they from the video of that song or am I wrong?

Yeah, that’s the song about… But, I don’t know anything else…I don’t even remember if it’s a band, a woman or a man… All I know is that I heard it last week and I asked all my friends, I searched it on sites, but nothing. All I found didn’t match with that song. :frowning:

Yeah, that’s kinda…ahem…tricky, if I may say so but it does seem faintly familiar .Isn’t there any chance u might remember a few words at least?:frowning:

If you do remember a few words put them between a pair of “double quotes” ("") and drop them in Google. That usually works for me.

The Song is by the band Heart, it’s on their 1990 album "Brigade"
it’s track #2 on the album (CD) and the title is:
“All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You”

You can hear a sample HERE:

It’s the second song on the album and is a favorite of my sister-in-law
who literally played it so much I could probably carve a working copy
of the album in a block of aluminum with a dull pen knife.

But I’d have remembered it anyway, because the song was a
staple of “album rock” radio in the NY-metro area in 1990-91

Now smeone can return the favor.

Thge Song I’m looking for is only a year or two old and was played
nearly to death on Sirius satellite (Channel 20 “Octane”) radio
summer of '07, I never caught the name because the display
on the unit I had at the time was dead, but the

The song is a story about an underage girl that goes clubbing, gets picked up by an older guy and when she OD’s he figuires out she’s underage and
because of that he doesn’t call an ambulance for fear of getting arreasted so he burys her in his yard…

It’s from a band with a vocalist with a similar voice to the vocalists in Chevelle, Red or Evans Blue (possibly Egypt Central), but isn’t one of
those bands because I have the entire works of all three.

Anyone have a clue?


Wow, thanks!!! I’m looking for it from last week, I even gave up searching it. Thanks again and I really didn’t know it was from 90’s, good to know… But still the 80’s are the best, there are some really nice tracks …

Hey man, wanted to help u cause that song seems very familiar, but stupidly enough I don’t seem to remember the lyrics.Tried to google it, but it keeps giving me results about that stupid song from akon"sorry blame it on me" or something like that.It seems that it has something to do with underaged girls.:doh:

Hello, nice thread… that’s why I’d like ask for your help, too cause I’m looking for this song for ages… Not really… But still I din’t find it anywhere, cause of course I don’t know either the artist’s nor the song’s name. The story is like 2 persons, a men and a girl, are talking in a bar about her life. As far as I remember she wasn’t from america and after her parents had died she came over, just like a blind person…
Well, that’s what I remember, if you can give me smth it’d be great… if not, that’s ok :smiley:

And again, a couple of lyrics would be so helpful…:confused:
The only thing that comes to my mind which has something to do with a girl America is that song called “American Girl” from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, .But again, it doesn’t really seem like the story u were talkin’ about.

Thanks for trying to help me but unfortunately, this is not the song I’m looking for… I don’t know…Sometimes I think that this song might not exist, but still I guess a line begins with ‘a blind date with destiny’ as far as I remember…

Yeah that is not, by far, the song. I heard the song somewhere I think a couple of days ago, and it seems to be like what u’re lookin’ for. The lyrics go something like this:

She came all the way from america
Had a blind date with destiny
And the sound of te awamutu
Had a truly sacred ring
Now her parents are divorced
And her friends committing suicide

I could not escape
A plea from the heart
You know what it means to me
She said dont walk away
Im down on my knees
So please dont be mean to me

Does it ring a bell by any chance?

I used to listen that track, I enjoyed it everytime I heard it, it’s a nice 80’s song. I think it’s Crowded House with ‘Mean To Me’ isn’t that right?? Lovely

Yeah, that’s the one I was talking about too.
Here’s the video

I’m pretty sure that this must be the song u searched for.

Wow, thanks!!! I’m looking for it from last week, I even gave up searching it. That’s the song… Really, the 80’s are the best, there are some really nice tracks, isn’t that right???

Welcome. Yeah, the 80’s music rocks. I just started listening again to the 80’s hits some months ago, I got fed up with music they play these days. It’s funny cause I remember I used to love this music after I watched some reruns of the “Ghostbusters” movies, that Ghostbusters song was the greatest.:D:iagree:

Loooolll…Ghostbusters? There are a lot of other great songs from that period, I bet your arse that everybody still listens to them these days, besides all that drum’n base, trance and other junks.

80’s??? Good music. I remember how we partied on Wham – Wake me up before you go go. We had some much fun at parties :slight_smile: :iagree:

Yeah, still we didn’t live those times but when it’s coming of partying the 80’s are great. I remember that on a Phil Collins’ song I first fell in love with a girl… :smiley: Too bad that on music shows at radios or tv rarely play 80’s.

Oh, I just love one song from Wham that I always like to listen to in the winter, it’s called Last Christmas. I guess George Michael also plays it by himself.