Help finding a good wine (drink)


i am a beer drinker myself, but the lady wants to get into wine. have to admit i myself would like to find a wine that i could actually drink. have tried several cheap fruit flavor wines, all with negative results. if anyone here has a wine they prefer over others could you please help excite my taste buds?

thanks troy


unfortunately you live at the wrong place on earth :bigsmile:
Here in my area, they grow this stuff, you can go there and try before buy :slight_smile: Okay, I prefer the good German beer :wink:

“cheap fruit flavor” sounds bad. Really bad. Avoid anything like this.
Since taste is different, there is nothing left but try. Go to a real wine dealer and let him help you to find something that is tasty for you.
Just recommending something does not help. We have zillions of Rieslings here, and these are absolutely not the same.


Troy it really is all about YOUR taste buds…

i love Brunello (super expensive though)
and Chianti Classico (only from Italy) is a close second…and much cheaper

you might could check out a local wine tasting
they generally have like 4 to 6 different wines

but the words fruity and sweet really do not do any justice in telling you about the body of the wine…its more of a personal taste and feel for the one consuming it :wink:

You could try out some of the Californian wines :iagree:
It’s pretty hard to find a bad wine from California, and if you’re just starting to drink wine, a Californian Chardonnay may be a good choice.

Personally my favorites are Sauvignon Blanc from NewZealand - Oyster Bay (or Cloudy Bay if you want to re-mortgage your house :wink: )

Italian Pinot Grigio is a nice, crisp summer white wine too.

For red wines, Italian Chaianti, Amarone and Barolo are great, but probably expensive in the US (like they are in Canada).
I also like Spanish Rioja :iagree:

Californian or Chilean red wine is usually pretty good too. Merlot is the classic Californian wine type, that is easy drinking.

Good question.

Actually I’m in a good position, because we make wine by ourselves - from a to z.

Hell yeah. :smiley:

Sadly this will not help to answer your question.

My favorite wines are Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon, Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet, and a good white table wine is the Conundrum from Napa Valley. The best thing to do is go to a wine tasting where you can sample many wines. Most wineries have a tasting room and many of them will pair the wine with good cheese, fruit, bread, etc. Makes for a good date, and a good buzz. Wine is very personal though, and everyone is going to like something different. Just stay away from the white zinfandels!!!

thank you all for your replies. :slight_smile:

certainly dont need to go that far. think i will try these first.

I too vote for the Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc…supposed to be one of the best in the world. Should be…they more or less kidnapped the best French wine-maker to make the stuff.
Costs about NZ$25 (US$13) in NZ, and €35 (US$50) in Germany.

ROFLMAO at chef :bigsmile:

@dean - I saw Cloudy Bay in the vintages section of the liquor store last week for C$54 :eek: We don’t see it here very often, and I had 10 mins of indecision before deciding that I couldn’t pay that much for a bottle of wine… :eek:

2 Buck Chuck

Dam fine wine and at 2.00 a bottle you can drink it until it does taste good.

I wanted to write more but have a nasty cold here (can’t remember the last time), so I’ll just stick to troy512’s original question. If you like a dark red wine, try a good Chilean Carménère (that’s the name of the grape, like Merlot, Chardonnay, etc.) like the one from Undurraga. Not expensive either, ~5 Euros here in Belgium.

Get well soon, [B]Cressida[/B]! :flower:

Yo kipper-

Don’t think that the fella is going to find any Trader Joes in Iowa-eh!! :disagree:

Give them a call and pay the shipping; at 2.00 a bottle even with shipping is will be a good deal. LOL

Off topic - but I hope you feel better soon :iagree: :flower:
Having a bad cold is miserable.

I have not drank for a while and was a beer drinker myself but when I did drink wine I used to like a Frascati. Not sure how available it is where you are but it is worth looking for. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Cap’n Drake & mate Honey Ninja :stuck_out_tongue: . I should be getting full use of my taste buds back soon :flower: .

On the subject, good wine should be enjoyed in combination with good food (and vice-versa), and ideally the two should match each other. You will find that those dishes that are difficult to match with wine, may go together better with beer. Belgian chefs often cook with (one of the many specialty) beers we have (but that’s off-topic again :bigsmile: ).

You should try some rum… for medicinal purposes only of course :iagree:

There’s a great restaurant in Toronto which is a “beer bistro”. All the dishes are designed to go with different beers - kind of nice idea.

Are you buying? :wink:

Yarrrr!!! :bigsmile:

Not sure if they let pirate-ninjas into restaurants though :eek: