Help! Finding a DVD Burner

I’m looking for a drive to replace my Plextor 716A that I have been extremely pleased with. It is just aging and need a replacement.

I have considered the Plextor 760A that is on sale right now for around $70 after rebates or the Pioneer DVR-710 for $30 after rebates. However, I can’t find any reviews on the DVR-710 and the 760A has slightly above mediocre reviews.

My usage will be mostly (in order of importance)

  • backup games
  • burn DVD’s
  • backup audio CDs
  • burn CD’s

I like my Plextor as the discs never come out hot and the drive is fairly silent and does not heat up significantly unlike most other drives.

Based on this what are your recommendations?

What about the Plextor Premium 2?

The Pio 710 is just the retail version of the 111D OEM. And if you read all the other “which one” threads, you’ll see it is well respected.