I have Memorex 3202323…firmware:1.07

I am convince by everything I read so far…That my model burner can not handle disk that are higher than 4x writable. I have more failures than success. I think a lot of the problems other people are suddenly having are very much related to my problem, because brand dvdr that use to work no longer will burn the finalize part of burning…So I think it the 8-16x media not the burners. I am probably wrong…but my problem happen over night and the only common thing is all the media I am using is 8x or 16x and looking at the media I had no problems with are 4x.

My question is…Is there a software that can finalize a DVDR. DVDDescriptor works 1 out 5 times. Or is ther another software that will burn data other than Nero…I have about 150 8x unused disk that I hate to waist.


If the 8x discs you have are a good quality brand then the best option might be to get yourself a new burner. The cost must be about the same as the media you’ve got.
I’d go Benq 1640, LG 4163b or NEC 3540.


Yep…That is an option I am considering. Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out the brand you listed.