"Help" files gone missing



can anybody help please!!

iv been adding files to a multisession dvd from time to time useing nero

i have just gone to add some more files… but when i have gone to add to the disc the disc is not showing any previous files on it…

i’v opened and checked the disc and there are files on it… but nothing since 18/2/2005 eventhough i have been adding and useing files from it up untill yesterday… :confused:

can anyone please tell me how i can see and get all the missing files back?

any help will be much appreciated…



IsoBuster can help you. http://www.isobuster.com/
Freeware version works only with CD-Rom and CD-R. To recover files from DVD you must register it.


When you start a “continue multisession” compilation, you have to choose to import the last previous session into the new session. You have to do this every time or the chain is broken and all the older files will not show in the new compilation.


Poaalpina… i tried isobuster thanks, it found the files but couldnt read them to retrieve

rdgrimes… Thanks, but the old files are there… its the newer ones that have gone missing…

I ended up trying the disc in another pc, and all the files were showing… so i was able to copy the disc…

thanks your replies Poaalpina and rdgrimes