Help? Files are into 2

Ok guys i have been having trouble with my PC and something has happened and i dont know how to change it. I dont know what i changed to so this but, every time i DOWNLOAD ANYTHING, from a simple mp3 to a .rar file, as it is downloading it creates a second file, and when it is finished, it becomes a complete file.

1. While downloading:
1 file = 2 files on the (desktop for example)

2. Finished Downloading:
2 files (during download) = (becomes) 1 file agian

Here is some picture that correspond with the top:

Picture 1. :

(Finished Downloading)
Picture 2. :

Can anyone help me fix this problem, since ut has been bothering me for quite some time now!?

FireFox does this.

It makes the proper file called CDFreaks.exe but also has a second one which would be called CDFreaks.exe.part

It downloads it to the second file .part and then copies/ merges/ whatever into one.

I would guess something like that is happening.

So is their anyway to fix it, because i know i doesnt usually do that. Is their a way to download normally without having the .PART file to appear?

In FireFox it does it, nothing you can do about it.

Your case I don’t know. Did it used to do it and you never noticed? Have you just installed something new?

Your downloads arn’t broken so I would tend to leave things alone.

FireFox will do that. The other file is the incomplete file, just delete it.