Help figuring out these poor kprobe results



All my scans look more or less like this. Media is Ritek R03. This one was burned at 6x on my NEC 3500A. Similar results at 4x and 8x using the liggy 2.18 firmware. Drive is in a Bytecc enclosure which will read just over 10x. Any ideas how to get better results?


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Maybe try better discs? Ritek.r03 is known to be problematic.


Well it looks like the external exclosure had something to do with it. I hooked it up through a standard IDE interface and it the scans have improved considerably.


:eek: This was 4x with some cheap Office Depot branded Ritek g04’s. They wouldn’t even burn when I had the burner in the Bytecc enclosure. I knew I should have stocked up on these disks!