Help Fight for full ADSL availability in the UK

BT offer a solution to UK users who do not have an ADSL enabled Exchange. Basically go too the supplied link below and have a read. I will say one thing, there seems too be alot of ADSL ISP Providers missing from the list “www.Pipex.doc,” these being well established ISP’s for many years and offer very competative pricing structure, less than £24 per month.

BT seems too have chosen a selected few ISP’s for you to show an interest in. Until the ADSL interest levels for a particular region/area reach 400 BT will not enable ADSL.

B.T.W you do not need to purchase an ADSL modem ok. You can buy an ADSL Router for less than £60 and comes with all the connections and cables too allow direct connection too your phoneline. On the Router my mate from Rhyl purchased you get 4 x RJ 45(Cat 5) Connections, so each PC in his house has a NIC installed and they are directly linked too the Router. Each PC has a gateway setup in the network properties, this is the ip address assigned too the router. A nice feature is the Router is always on-line. In leyman terms switch the PC on and get an instant access to the net, finished switch the PC off. As simple as that.

Anyhow I have provied a link below where you can make a complaint against BT or any other telecoms provider, or indeed an ISP failing too meet their own terms and conditions.

The general idea is too get the Oftel too demonopolise BT, allow 3rd party companies in the UK too step in and offer a solution. Until enough complaints are made against this telecoms provider the users who want ADSL are not going too get what they want.

I have already sent a polite letter to the link below, spent 2 hours lastnite putting it together. I am trying too fight for the area I live to have the exchange ADSL enabled. For each individual that sends a polite letter(no need for abuse, it will go nowhere) we will be one step closer.

Regards too all. The Diplomat:D

I really want everybody to have DSL, but since I’m not english, I will help all english in my own way. :slight_smile:

brings out an oxe and sacrifices it to the Asa-gods, asking the mighty gods to please give ADSL to all english

I hope you succed in your quest! :slight_smile:

I have received an e-mail from, and once again I found a few discrepencies, so I am once again in negotiations for something too be done. Here is the reply I sent too them, certain names have been removed too protect the privacy of the said Individuals.

In a message dated 06/08/2002 20:55:00 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Subj:Re: Oftel Ref CR/520909
Date:06/08/2002 20:55:00 GMT Daylight Time
To:witheld for confidentiality purposes

Thank you for your reply, after reading it there is an discrepency I would like too highlight with regards too what ISP’s you can register an interest in. There are three ISP’s which are not mentioned in this registration process as I have checked it, and this leaves me too possibly conclude that BT alone have chosen specific providers.

Where is, and, two of them offer a very competative price of under just under £24, and one being a little on the steep side of £35

“As you may be aware BT has introduced a new ADSL order registration system that will enable consumers and service providers to register interest in receiving ADSL services. Where demand in an area is high enough to make it economically viable for BT to enable the local exchange, it will do so.”

I checked the current interest level for my area and it is now 24, it could possibly be 2003 before we have the level requirement of 400. I am not saying BT are deliberately holding back and quoting unrealistic figures for our area, or falsifying the figures too suit them. It could well be that the chosen providers are not suited too our area, hence the very slow uptake. I am positive if the three missing ones and more were added to this registration process, then the required 400 would take a matter of a weeks, not months or years. I will continue the fight against BT too upgrade our exchange, which covers a vast area. I would appreciate if you had a private discussion over this matter, because at the moment I feel something needs too be actioned or like I have said on a previous mail, it won’t happen.

Kind Regards

Shane Jones

In a message dated 06/08/2002 12:15:45 GMT Daylight Time, xxxxx writes:

Subj:Oftel Ref CR/520909
Date:06/08/2002 12:15:45 GMT Daylight Time
From:witheld for confidentiality purposes
Sent from the Internet

Our Ref: CR/520909

Dear Mr Jones

Thank you for your recent email dated 5 August 2002.

The roll-out of ADSL was a commercial decision taken by BT and was not mandated by Oftel. Oftel’s role has been to ensure that BT complies with its legal obligations under the Competition Act 1998 and the terms of its Licence. For example, BT must offer its wholesale products to all service providers/operators on the same terms & conditions and must not unduly prefer its own service provider business.

ADSL is a relatively new technology and it requires considerable investment to enable an exchange so that it can offer ADSL services. Oftel does not, therefore, propose to require BT to roll-out ADSL to all exchanges or to include specific exchanges in its roll-out programme. Oftel will however continue to encourage BT to roll-out ADSL to as many exchanges as possible.

As you may be aware BT has introduced a new ADSL order registration system that will enable consumers and service providers to register interest in receiving ADSL services. Where demand in an area is high enough to make it economically viable for BT to enable the local exchange, it will do so. The registration system will cover all exchanges in the UK, though targets will only be published for the 900 exchanges that BT has reviewed the costs of enabling.

If demand levels for other exchanges are high enough, BT will review the cost of enabling those exchanges. BT has estimated that there are 900 exchanges being reviewed and the 1,115 that are currently enabled cover around 87% of UK homes and businesses.

Our role in monitoring BT’s ADSL roll-out is in contrast to our role in mandating local loop unbundling (LLU). LLU will enable operators to install their own equipment in BT’s local exchanges and to decide when, where and how to provide high bandwidth services. They will not have to rely on the wholesale ADSL products being offered by BT. Since September 2000, operators have been able to order co-location space in BT’s local exchanges. Trials began in January 2001 and the UK’s first unbundled loops are now operational.

You may also wish to be aware that cable operators (NTL and Telewest) are offering broadband Internet products and it is possible that it may be available in your area.

Further information on what broadband services are available can be found at:

Yours sincerely

Consumer Representation
Tel xxx xxxx xxxx (removed by me Shane for official purposes)

The information contained in this e-mail message is intended only for use of the individual or organisation named above. If you are not the intended recipient, or an employee or agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you should be aware that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. I apologise if you have received this communication in error. Please notify Oftel immediately by telephone on (+XX) (X) XX XXXX XXXX or e-mail xxxxx@xxx.xx.xx, and destroy the
original message.

This e-mail (whether you are the sender or the recipient) may be monitored, recorded and retained by Oftel. E-mail monitoring/blocking software may be used, and e-mail content may be read at any time. You have a responsibility to ensure laws are not broken when composing or forwarding e-mails and their contents.

Here is the reply I received and my submittal.

Our Ref: CR/520909

Dear Mr Jones

Thank you for your further email dated 6 August 2002.

The text that you have quoted from my previous email was referring to the new ADSL registration system that BT Wholesale has introduced.

To register consumers should contact the ISP that they wish to receive ADSL services from (such as Pipex, AOL, BT Openworld, Freeserve, etc.). The ISP will inform them whether the local exchange is already enabled to receive ADSL service and if not will register interest in that exchange with BT. BT will carry out several checks (e.g. ensuring that the consumer is close enough to the local exchange and that interest has not already been registered for that consumer by another ISP) before entering the details into the registration system.

Yours sincerely

name not given for privacy

Consumer Representation

my reply

Thank you once again for your kind response, the contents of which I have read, and would like too further comment on the situation with the Colwyn Bay Area exchange being ADSL enabled. I have a good friend that lives in the Rhyl area, he is using the an isp called, now considering that is not on the registration list, yet he is receiving ADSL.

It am too believe that this registration process is forcing the consumer too choose an ISP of interest, and of which they will be duly binded by contract once the 400 limit has been reached and the exchange ADSL enabled. If you take this into account, it’s not what I would call a fair process, there are a few isp’s on that registration list which are for business use only!, further cutting down on the options available to the home user. If you think on a logical basis, alot of the listed ISP’s will be asking for a fee beyond the average working persons salary, hence the lack of interest. At this present moment in time areas in the UK in a similar situation too my locality will be waiting for infinity for the upgrade. Based on a statistical momentum the current uptake based on a single individual registering an interest in the Colwyn Bay area on a weekly basis, it will take just under 8 years too get broadband! Other areas with a higher level requirement will have wait a possible 12yrs. So according too how accurate my information is, by the time the required level is reached, a new technology will have been introduced, and we will be in the same boat once again. I am asking you too intervene and put a stop too this requirement, and upgrade the exchanges, watch how quickly the UK internet use will grow, far beyond anyones imagination. If your have the power too regulate, then put it to a good use, and give the UK what it is needed. Broadband Technology.

Kind Regards


I finally received a new E-mail from oftel and it stated that my comments have been been passed on for review. It was also mentioned by oftel that they dont have the power too force telecoms providers too upgrade their exchanges and that it takes a long time too install. A poor m8 who lives right by the Exchange( about a mile and a half from me) was told he needed 700 people too show an interest, he has since given up. Oftel gave me the usual stuff such as try NTL and one other company that doesnt spring too mind. Its ironic really, because my telecoms provider “BT” cant be bothered too upgrade the exchange, then how on earth will NTL give me broadband? no doubt they will be in touch again soon! I guess they pondered for a few days over that last e-mail I sent them, I more or less placed them under the spotlight. I am not a person who will give up, I will keep up the pace and remain calm and diplomatic thats the only way forward. It was mentioned that some of the local loops have been opened too allow 3rd party telecoms too try and get BroadBand too the poor peeps like me who are stuck with a 56k v92 modem.

Here is some humor for you all. I received a Bill from BT, and there was no entry for cost of calls as I hadn’t made any because I use my mobile alot, and they wanted £12 from me, profit for them, no benefit too me, anyhow the cheeky buggers send me a letter t/d saying if I don’t pay the £12 immediately they would cut me off, and charge too be reconnected. :rolleyes: what a sad bunch of peeps, I could understand if I owed £50 + but cut me off over £12, its getting like the USA over here now, dont pay a bill on time, and yer in the S***e

I feel sorry for them, they moan cus there profits are down, but look @ the same time the millions they make:confused:

Greetz too all from The Diplomat:D

Wish you the best in your battle against the giants and may you and all other Brittons get broadband soon.

Yes mate, I wish you luck too ! Good on you !

A couple of typos here and there but not even the government are “Infallible”, they will get the general concept regardless anyhow. I await their reply tomorrow as this is one battle I am locked onto and will not submit defeat, as someone has too try and help Oftel change their views towards all other telecoms providers all over the UK.

Thank you for your sincere support.

Kind Regards The Diplomat :smiley:

Im with you all the way

don’t let them get you for over 30 pounds per month

in Australia the cheapest reasonable adsl is $69.95 a month :confused:

its a joke over here :a

I like this part of their email :

This e-mail (whether you are the sender or the recipient) may be monitored, recorded and retained by Oftel. E-mail monitoring/blocking software may be used, and e-mail content may be read at any time. You have a responsibility to ensure laws are not broken when composing or forwarding e-mails and their contents.

So … if I recieve an email from them, they may monitor that particular email… which means they monitor it from it’s origin (their own servers) to the place it gets to ( which eventuall is my email client directory on C:\Program\files\etc\yadday\eudora\whocares\etc ).

This means … they have taken the right to monitor THEIR email in MY systyem …

I really don’t want them to use their software on my system.

And then I have a responsibility towards legal aspects , and they suddenly don’t ? Gimme a break.

Hmm I think I have got them on a checkmate as I have have left them no option really and no news is normally good news. I do know that further down from me a small town next too the exchange need 700 appicants, so that is going nowhere, and another small town called Abergele is so small they are not even offering it too them. I live in Colwyn Bay, and it is actually bigger than London, once you started heading up too the posh areas where the millionaires live there are thousands of homes, so that wait may soon be over

Greetz too all from The defiant Diplomat (LOl):smiley:

Still got me humor:cool:

Hmm just got this info:

The checker indicates that Broadband is not currently available in your area. A detailed review of your exchange has been completed and has concluded that enabling your exchange would not seem viable without further knowledge of possible demand.

BT has introduced a demand registration scheme which lets people register, via a service provider, their interest in buying ADSL. In this way the local demand will become clearer and will influence the roll-out programme.

Following a review of this exchange, a trigger level of 400 registrations of interest has been set. If this trigger level is reached the exchange will be upgraded.

A preliminary check on your line suggests that if Broadband were available in your area you should be able to receive Broadband ADSL at speeds from 512kilobits per second to 2Megabits per second downstream and 256kilobits per second upstream.

Thank you for your interest.

Only 44 people have registered what a load of B*****s. I might even move too another area where I will get ADSL :slight_smile: Can share a house with a new girl I have just met, prob solved

Change of subject now I have a nissan 200SX turbo motor so I can run her around in that :slight_smile: I am an easy going bloke and she loves it :slight_smile: only probs I have is getting hold of parts as it is Jap car.

A Visit too Demon Tweaks too get some vented grooved performance disks and Green stuff(Hi Performance Brake pads) is on the cards and then I wanna get rid of the rear spolier as it is one common fault with that car it collects water and has startd to peel and small bit of rust r showing, so it will need a rub down, resprayed and a nice big adjustable rear spoiler fitted.:bow: Too much money and nothing too spend it on LOL

anyway waiting for my m8 too come back from greece so he can fit me a booster gauge and booster valve too get me 200BHP. got the lot for £60 uk sterling. Checked the booster gauge and it costs £300+ from Demon Tweaks so I got a very good deal, god only knows how much the booster valve would have cost.

With my m8 being a top mechanic and of whom sold me the motor he will set the booster valve within the tolerances of the Turbo for me so I dont boost too much and blow the Turbo into bits(£500 for a new one :frowning: but I am gonna fit a bigger turbo, possibly a T28, the current one is A small T25 that still pisses on peeps with their big cars and still cant catch me. I will check the prices cus I would like a bigger turbo alltogether :slight_smile: bad man me:cop:

Hope you enjoyed this thread, as much as I did writing it :slight_smile:

Long live the CDfreaks and the forum, yah doing a good job admins and moderators. Keep it up

80 persons have registered, there is still some hope for January next year :slight_smile:

Greets too all The Diplomat:D