Help fast!

k i have a Compaq sr5505f had windows vista changed to win xp got all the driver men were they hard to find but my device manager was lokking good no red x or yellow xclamation points well my problem started when i wanted to play a movie in my cd-dvd tsstcorp ts-h653n drive well i inserted a dvd original movie and all i got back was my desktop crashing i said ok lets try that agian this time my desktop dident crash but my dvd would not play i even when to my coputer and try to click on the cd-dvd icon and my computer said not respondig i have tried with several dvd, cds and blanks to no luck its always frezzing on me saying the classic not responding have tried Google no luck so if any body knows wats wrong thx for the help.

I have this link for you to go through for changing the vista into Xp…

This is link where you could things that would solve you problem…

Just tryin ta help…

good luck

thx for the info but i have all my drivers installed

I don’t know anything about your problem, so allow me to offer a basic, helpful suggestion. Most people who post on forums, believe it or not, are looking for some kind of help, so using

[B]help fast!!! [/B]
as a thread title isn’t as likely to get you that much needed help as titling your thread, say, “Vista to XP problem” (or something else appropriate)…Hope that helps for next time.