Help Fast

Ok my first question is can I insert mulitple audios into a dvd and burn it? Because I have tried it and when I put it into my home player the dvd doesn’t work.

I have videos that have subtitles in them the videos are .mkv and I play them in VideoLan and there it lets me turn off or turn on the subtitles but when I put the video into ConvertXto DVd no subtitles show up!]

PLease Help I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yes - you just need to combine (mux) those audiotracks to your original.
How to do it - depends on your originals.

CxD supports .srt and sub/idx subtitles (and some other formats).
You need to have subtitles in proper format to be able to convert them.

Check CxD manual from VSO website.

OK I have another question I have burned a Dvd and it works fine but when i want to clone it my computer doesn’t open my dvd why? It says its empty but when i put it in my home player it does work.

Did you put that DVD to CDROM player?

How do I insert two audio tracks onto a DVD, the video has two audio tracks. Once when I tried burning it before, only one audio comes on WHy HElp What should i Do?

Paste CxD log here for further analyzis.