Help Fast Please

i recently bought a game that needs a new version of directx installed before the game installs, which i allready have but thats irrelevant.
windows comes up with a file protection error saying it doesent trust it

how can i get around this?

Turn off firewall and/or virius protection download, you can scane it after it is downloaded

so basically, turn off my norton?

because its got nothing to do with the internet really, its windows file protection popping up.

ignore the message and install

or download newest direct X from Microsoft downloads

this is all during the install, like, the game tries to install directx 9.0c, but i allready have that, so i just say yes, or else the setup closes. but when i click yes, it says windows file protection does not trust said file, blah blah blah

i cant install it, it cancels the setup

click yes

and get that