HELP errors... and really slow burns

I’ve got a premium drive and it was burning really slow because it was in PIO mode but after reading the FAQ i got it to run in DMA and it’s much faster now. That would be great but every time i burn a cd it’s got a small ammount of C1 errors until the end. The last 10 min of the CD it goes from 4k C1 errors to approx. 12k. and 0 C2 errors to about 14k. I have no idea how to fix this issue. I am using Nero Burning Rom v6.0.0.19 because i couldnt stand the software that was bundled w/ the drive. Currently i have the 1.05 firmware. I’m getting very angry not only won’t the drive burn the 52x media faster than 24x but i’m creating CD’s w/ 12k C1 errors and 14k C2 errors at 16x. That’s not speaking very highly of this drive.

Have you tried using another brand of media? Your current error rates sounds awful and if you only can achieve 24X on 52X certified media then it’s probably the media.
I’m also a bit curious myself on one thing, why burn at ridiculously high speeds when you know that it’ll affect quality regardless how good your burner is and how great media you’re using? We’re only talking about 1-3 minutes compared to 8X which most of the time produces excellent results.

oddly enough i’ve tried 2 varieties of media and they both produce the same result. if i try to burn the CDs at 52x it’s dropped down to 16x and if i try to burn them at 16x i get the exact same results. i’ll try 8x in a few min. it’s a real pain in the ass though why is the media ceertified 52x and it won’t burn anywhere near that. to top it all off even w/ PowerRecord slowing the burn i still get a rediculous ammount of errors.

[EDIT] i’ve burnt a CD at 8x. i should dearly love to not tell you guys how horrible it is. the first 40 min of the CD i had over 20k C1 errors and 2 C2… help me please!

It sounds like a media problem to me. Try some other quality media and see if that works. You should also upgrade your Nero version to v6.3 just in case. If the problem persist with quality media please report back.