Help, Error "The Video GOP is too long"

Hi guys, I am using TMPGENC DVD AUthor v1.6 and I have added some .mpg files in to create DVD folders… but all of the files gave me the error
“The Video GOP is too long”

I have tried VCDGear to fix the .mpg, but still I recieved the error.
I also try de-multiplexing and then multiplexing using TMPGENC v2.5 but I still receive the same error when I add the new .mpg file. ANy help is greatly appreciated.

My knowledge of dvd author is very limited, I only want to convert .mpg files to dvd so I can burn them on a DVD-R. My DVD player JVC model XV-S40 can’t play .mpg when burnt as data on dvd-r or cd-r so if Anyone can recommend a cheap DVD Player to buy that can read, please let me know.


Try using DVDLab, they have a 30 day free trial version available.