Help error flash firmware :( (Misflashed TS-L532A)

i have flash my dvd writer tsst corp ts-l532A with firwmare liteon SOSW-852S
but my friend in same portable Acer 1522
I thought of having the same writer that him but i have writer tsst corp ts-l532A this flash is failed and my dvd writer does not appear :frowning:

I search firmware for tsst corp ts-l532A :rolleyes:

if somebody can help me

No firmwares are available for the TS-L532A…

Maybe this will help you it’s not new. But it might help you if you f**** up drive…

Could you please e-mail to the original firmware for TS-L532A because i upgraded the firmware from (to change it in master from slave) and now it doesn’t support DL :(((

it converts the ts-l532a to toshiba sd-r6472

enjoy it


are you sur that the firmware toshiba work on the TS-L532A because i don’t have the old firmware . And my M6 have 1 week !

escuse me for my bad english

help me please :bow:

I suggest you find a bin of that original drive somewhere and flash the drive in dos. its hard to recover stuff in windows if at all possable. it might even be worth it just too get a dvd new dvd burner they are so cheap now under 60dollars for a new nec burner at

Lets go

I m very happy the DVD Firmware toshiba work very well with my ASUS M6 BNE 1.7