Help END DMCA: a quick anonymous survey

I’m posting this at a few torrent and video sites. Please fill this out if you get the chance. Once I get enough results I’m passing it off to both the {removed for privacy} chapter of the ACLU and the local PDA. Also pass it around. If I get alot of responses I’ll forward the results to Sen. Obama who’s already talked about changing the DMCA on two of his recent “youth discussions”. Who knows; we may get some coverage on the matter! Never hurts to try. Besides; it’s only 4 short pages.

Being a Lifetime Supporter has it’s advantages; I intend to bring it in to the ACLU office in person.
As for Senator Obama; considering that DMCA reform is one of his (admittedly minor) campaign notes… who knows. It was brought up by students in Iowa twice; and both times he expressed an interest in pursuing changes that would “equalize corporate protections with the consumer’s need in today’s digital society.” He’s also supported the last 3 bills that would do just that. Corporate Republicans shut them down before. With the more consumer-friendly congress now in place; it’s at least worth a try.

I have the opportunity to put this into peoples hands; however small it may be, it can still help.
If you think you you can do better PLEASE DO. Post a link and I’ll fill out yours too. The more the better! (Once you are done; pass it on to me and I’ll send yours in too)

(An aside: The New York Times will post {almost} any submitted survey with 100K or more results; good free coverage)

I don’t get the survey questions. Just how will this enforce the opinion of the public to the local senators when you publish the average os, programs and payment detilas to them?

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Don’t over analyse it. :wink:
Page 1 is generally asked in most computer-related surveys, it gives a general background, page 2 and 3 are a general open background on overall media, page 4 is about DRM.
Just remember that these never are handed out as raw data alone; a polished presentation is the primary package with the raw data dump at the end as an appendix.

Then i would really like to see your polished presentation because i wonder if you are using the raw data correctly.