Help! Empty disc Error!



Hi everyone,

I just bought a Benq 1610
and I was trying to read a ps2 game disc

it shows up as blank/ empty disc.

IS there a way to fix this?

Thanks in Advanced


Hi charlton,

You didn’t mention whether the ps2 disc was DVD-R, +R, or pressed. But, I had this problem with my stock f/w 1620 (B7C9) when inserting some DVD-R discs. Updating the fimware to the newest one helped, but I suspect that there might still be some discs out there that are not 100% compatible with BenQ 16x0.

Also, as you may have read elsewhere in reviews of the BenQ 1600/10/20, these drives seem to have problems writing working PS2 discs on DVD-R. It has been suggested to use DVD+R instead. Since I don’t have a PS2, I can’t confirm whether this is a good workaround.

Anyone else with PS2 or XBOX experience?


Its a DVD game that I bought

and I wanted to make and ISO image from it.