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Hello all,

My family and I have been in the Carabbean over 15 years ago, and when I recently cleared out the loft I found some video tapes that my dad did at the time … My neighbour has since been a real gem and somehow converted these onto several DVD’s for me (and quite surprisingly the picture and sound quality is superb) … So far so good …

Now I have over 7 hours of un-cut movies which I would like to reduce to an easy 45 minute movie to show to my family this Christmas (my dad is way over 70 now and would be absolutely thrilled) …

I’m not bad with computer’s but have NO clue how I could watch (and subsequently edit those 500MB files - they are in .vob format).

ANY help would be grately appreciated on this matter - I wouldn’t even mind investing some money into an appropriate programme (since I would really need to have it done by this Christmas as Dad is not getting better), but I leave that up to the pro’s here to decide for me - many many thanks in advance -

Kind Regards


Not for the faint of heart,but the best editor available…:

Together with this 1:

you can change a lot … :bow:


Hello roadworker,

many thanks for your links - So would you (or anyone else) advise to convert the .vob files into mpeg (or similar) prior to editing these ?

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No need to…RocketJet’s version , can import vobs directly…but you have to reauthor your project again if you cut to much,because the dvdstructure will be messed up…

that’s why I also adviced DvdRemakePro as other option…this 1 is much more than a cutter/joiner…it’s the ultimate dvdtool…



thanks a lot for your help - I think I’ll bite the bullet and order this DVDREMAKE pro (for about 50 dollars) … It’s a lot of money for just cutting one movie, but it appears to be the easiest solution (shame I can’t find the programe on any p2p sites :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Don’t forget to download the manual,otherwise it won’t be so easy… :wink: :bigsmile:
Better check out the trial before you buy,so you get a taste of it…if it doesn’t fit your needs,you don’t have wasted 50$…
Don’t want to get shot by you… :wink: