Help editing and creatinf DVD from ISO files

Hi everyone
A new joiner and tired if searching the web for answers so hoping someone can help me here!

I have got a Sony DVD Handycam that I have been using. It uses DVD-RW discs that record 30mins of footage. Due to the short time per disc and no knowledge on how to edit etc, I used DVD decrypter to copy the footage onto my PC to be reviewed later. I am now stuck with no knowledge on what to do! I have ended up with alot of .ISO files that hold treasured moments and I donot know what steps I need to take to combine, edit and burn the footage on a DVD.

A friend recommended I use DVD decrypter for now however anyone’s help will be much appreciated. I am looking to edit the footage (to delete anything not needed), add titles and combine some files together (with 30 min recording, I have more than one file of the same event).

At the moment I have DVD decrypter and MagicISO trial version on my PC and no knowledge at all about DVD files and what needs to be done next.

The steps that were followed to get to the ISO files from the camcorder DVDs are as follows:

  • Once recording completed, finalised the disc on the camcorder
  • Loaded disc onto PC DVD drive
  • In DVD decrypter, selected MODE>ISO>READ and selected destination on my PC
    An example of what the resulting .ISO files look like is attached. I am happy to purchase or download whatever software is required to do the job. Help much appreciated!

regards JKK

Editing mpeg files found in dvds is not always a fun task since many programs lose audio/video sync when cutting and joining them. You might want to look into some programs that are specifically made for this, like Womble Video Wizard DVD, or TMPGenc Mpeg Editor, or VideoReDo TV Suite. All of those should have free trials available for download for you to test their capabilities.

There are some free programs that might work for your editing tasks, but no guarantees with them. AviDemux is one. And you can cut sections out with the free program DVDShrink (in Reauthor mode using the Start/End frame tool). To combine the sections, you might use VobMerge.

Since you have ISO files right now, you need a simple way to access them with an editing program. Not all will be able to open the ISO files directly. I suggest getting a free program called VirtualClone Drive: This will create a “virtual” dvd drive on your computer where you can mount the ISO files. Install the program and you will see a new drive in My Computer. Right click on it and you’ll see Virtual Clone Drive and an option to Mount an ISO. Do this and it will be just like a physical dvd in a drive. You can access the contents of the ISO with any regular program.

To stop, just right click the drive again and hit UnMount. The ISO will no longer be on the drive.

Hi Thank you for response.
Can I use these programs to edit the ISO files direct or do I need to unzip the ISO files?

How can I combine multiple ISO files into one DVD?

regards JKK

You can extract files from an ISO (Magic ISO or ISOBuster) or you can access the material in an ISO by mounting it in virtual drive. As I said before, I’m not certain that these editing programs will be able to work with ISO files directly.

To combine the separate files from the ISO’s, you’ll need to edit out the parts you don’t want and use the authoring capabilities of these editing programs to make a new dvd-video, complete with menus if you like, so you can select the video you want to watch.

Just a little addendum:
You can set up to 8 virtual drives with Virtual CloneDrive, so you can select sequences
of 8 simultaneously mounted ISO images using e.g. DVD Shrink’s Reauthor mode.