Help DW1620 conflicting and wont flash

Hi lads can anyone help me. I bought the benq to use as a dvd direct copy drive but I’m having the following problems :

When I go to copy direct from my rom drive to the benq they both conflict with each other and as a result I lose the icon for the rom drive.
Do I need to change the settings on the drive to master or slave and which one should be what ?

I flashed the benq with the great instructions that were up on this site but now it will not let me flash up to the most recent upgrade and comes back with a check sum error ? Its flashed as an OEM at the moment to the last version which is G79v I think.

Anyone with any help please :sad:

Check the jumpers on the back of the drives. Sound like you have them the same.

Hi Jake
They were both different (master and slave). What I was trying to do was to direct copy from the rom to the writer but looks as if I can only do this with CDs and not dvd’s

Make sure the Writer is the Master and the DVD-ROM is the slave.
You’re not trying to copy DVD’s “on the fly” are you?
They need to be copied to a hard drive, then burned.
Most recording software does that by default…

What FW are you trying to flash to Bxxx or Gxxx?