Help. DVR-115D Bitsetting Problems


I have unsuccessfully tried to enable bitsetting with MCSE.

I have followed the instuctions using the lastest firmware and patching it with MCSE. It all goes well but when I go to burn a DVD and verify it through Nero CD_dvd the booktype is still the same.

Any other thoughts?

Make sure in options you have it set to show booktype and not disc type

@ paniccode,

If you have used the MCSE tool and applied the “Enable Bitsetting” patch to the DVR-115D Firmware a Media Type DVD+R disk when Burned in the N e r o software program will atomically be Book Type Bit Set to DVD-ROM. Media Type DVR-R Media disk cannot be Book Type Bit Set to DVD-ROM.

Media Type and Book Type are two different things.

Suggest AFTER the Burning process has been completed closely check both the Media Type and Book Type of the Burned DVD+R disk. The Media Type of a Burned DVD+R disk will remain DVD+R but the Book Type will be changed to DVR-ROM.