Help! DVR-109 speed issues



Recently received my dvr-109. Have attempted to burn using memorex 8X DVD-R media and can’t get above 4X in Nero 6.6 (can’t get test disc in NeroCDSpeed above 4.13X). Reading/ data transfer in cdspeed starts at 4X, gets close to 8X, then drops back to 4X, 75% of the way through the test. Am running it as master with my old sony dvd burner as slave (sony model is eluding me at this moment). Using an 80pin cable, drive is on UDMA4, upgraded to pioneer firmare 1.50 and have also tried crossflashing to A09 firmware using DVRupdate as described in multiple posts on this forum. Also updated nero to most recent version. Machine is p4 2ghz, MSI 865PE Neo2-LS, 512mb RAM.

What the hell is going on? Have I got a bunk drive? Please help???


Try installing quiet drive tools from the plex site. If it doesn’t work then you have not crossflashed your drive to the A09XL FW mode. Also increase your memory usage inside of nero.


Sounds like your cross flash did not load the proper FW.

Go for more detailed help!


The media appears to be the issue. I thought that was possibly the case as I was not able to burn DVD’s from the stack of memorex 8X DVD-R’s using my Sony burner (media coming up as Ritek G05 using pioneer’s media probe), i.e. the discs that I’ve been experiencing the slow burning speeds with on the DVR-109. I can however burn CD’s on the Sony, so I thought something may be up. I picked up some 8X Sony DVD-R’s and can “create data disc” in NeroCDSpeed at 8X (initially 6X then it bumps up to 8X a few seconds into the burn). Can read these (data transfer test) at 12X stably. CD-R’s burn at ~30X and are read at ~36X. I have yet to try 16X discs wth it, but I can’t imagine there will be an issue.

Lastly, I had the drive “bug out” a bit during a few writes. During one in particular, spin balance seemed to become unstable as the disc started making terrible grinding sounds. Thinking the drive was torched, I popped in a DVD data disc and it spun up just fine. Happened only minorly a few times after several burns. Freakish occurence or possible drive issue? Please advise. Also, thanks for the info. thus far…


Sorry! I meant the Pioneer site!


Ah, the G05 again…
“Them not good.”