Help! DVDRW suddenly stops recognising DVDs (CDs OK still)

I think I am in serious trouble! :sad:

I have an Acer laptop with a SlimType SOSW 852S DVDRW.

Since yestereday the drive has suddenly stopped being able to recognize any DVD, either blank or already recorded, DVD-R and DVD+R. When inserted the motors whirs for a while but the disc cannot be initialised. I can’t read the contents of the already recorded disc, and I can’t record to the blanks because the disc is not even recognized as being in the drive.

The only weird thing I noticed prior to this is I was trying to burn a CD-R and after it went to 100% instead of finishing it seemed to keep on going for ages - I eventually had to press “cancel”. Strangely the CD-R itself seemed to have been burned OK. I can still read it and use it. But since then the DVD problems started.

I can still use the CD-R functions ok. I can read pre-recorded CD-R and burn new ones OK.

The only other thing I have done recently is try burning some DVD+R 16X (which seemed to go OK although the burn quality was not so good - see my thread on the blank DVD+R forum - Mitsubishi DVD+R). Now sadly I can’t even to that…

Any suggestion would be most welcome. have I fried my burner?? :confused:

is a firmware update available?

If your running XP, a System Restore couldn’t hurt. If it works, great. If not, you can always bring it back. Just a thought but I’d give it a try if it were me.

I know there are other firmwares for this family of LieOns, but I’m not sure there are any more up to date than this one> I’ll check for sure, though.

However I don’t see why it would be a firmware problem if it used to work OK. Do you think maybe even re-flashing the same firmware would be a possibility? Are there any dangers to this?

Hi, yes I’m running Win XP home SP2 and so Sytem Restore is available. I will give it a try and report back. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well I tried the System Restore but unfortunately this did not solve the problem. I didn’t really expect it to, as it seems to be a hardware fault rather than a software or OS one.

Does any one else have any further suggestions (please). :sad: :sad: :sad:

Next thing I would do is flash to another F/W

One quick and easy thing to try, is removing the Primary and Secondary IDE’s in Device Manager, then reboot and let it autodetect the drivers, and dma settings. If it still doesn’t work after that, and if a firmware flash doesn’t help, try a good quality media. If that doesn’t work, drive is likely fried.

Well, I deleted the drive from Device manager, and rebooted. Unfortunately no improvement. Then I flashed the firmware to PFS3. Again the seems to be no improvement.

The only small glimmer of hope is that the drive still recognizes and reads the Taiyo Yuden DVD-R that I have (already recorded). Unfortunately I don’t have any TY blanks to try and burn.

The best quality media I have available is Verbatim 16X DVD+R (MMC004) which is not recognized.

I noticed from reading the docs for Omnipatcher, that the drive has a “media learning” feature, whereby it stores data from previous burns to help improve performance. It stated that sometimes a bad burn might upset the calibration. This sounds like what happened to me. I was trying to burn a CD-R which went wrong somehow, and after that these problems reading DVD-/+ R started.

Can anyone shed any more light on this aspect, and if it is likely to be a cause? If I keep burning some more CD-R will things improve? If I get hold of some TY and burn them will it gradualy improve by this media learnig method, and re-calibrate my drives laser?

Unfortunately I didn’t have a backup of the EEPROM from before the problems started. Is there anyway of getting hold of a “standard” EEPROM that I could try using. Is this safe. (I know each one is supposed to be individual for that particular drive since it is calibrated to each individual laser).

Help :slight_smile:

Try checking here You may be able to dump the memory and reload a fresh F/W. It’s been quite some time since I messed around with my Litey but this should give you the info to do it. Last case I might try and PM CodeKing or have a look at his site. He’s a Litey Guru and if he can’t help, then I’m at a loss. Good Luck

Here’s another site to try.