HELP! DVDROM plays CDs *not* DVDs



System: Windows XP Home, Samsung CDRW/DVD SN-324B, Dell Dimension 8300.

The situation is after an install of Windows Media Player 10 upgrade the friend’s PC is unable to read DVD discs. The 2 discs are store bought in this country from Blockbuster and the DVDROM is set to the United States region. There are no scratches or smudges. The DVDROM is able to read CDROMs (application discs like WinDVD or Norton) but when we pop in a DVD video disc (ie. Bourne Identity) its as if it is blank – going to Windows Explorer reveals its contents as blank.

Attempting to play DVDs in Windows Media Player 9, WinDVD, and PowerDVD only results in nothing playing or the message that there is no disc in drive. We’ve tried formatting/reinstalling Windows XP and STILL the problem is here – can’t read DVDs but can read CDROMs. We’ve upgraded to DirectX 9.0c. No go. We’ve tried uninstalling the CDRW/DVD drive from Device Manager and rebooting but no go.

This doesnt make any sense. The DVDROM unit used to work before the WMP10 upgrade and now it doesnt. A format/reinstall should have restored everything. I’ve tried looking for a driver/firmware update but couldnt find anything.

What can we do to restore DVD playing? Perhaps this has something to do with DRM or DVDROM protection against PC copying and his previous XP install somehow had some software patch for reading?

BTW there are no other pieces of 3rd party software installed on his system besides WinDVD and PowerDVD.



Can it read a data DVD? eg. a DVD coverdisk from a computer mag.

I’ve had the DVD capability of a DVD-ROM die on me for no reason at all - the CD side is a different laser, as the DVD laser is not compatible with CD-R. It could just be a bad coincidence.

May be worth checking using a boot floppy, but I’m not sure if old-style “CDROM” drivers and MSCDEX can read a DVD anyway - I’ll have to try that one.


Try reinstalling your power DVD I had the same problem could be the software DVD Decoder portion as Media Player doesn’t have its own it needs the decoder from installed software give it a try and I think you will be ok good luck


He hasnt tried a data DVDR yet.

“Try reinstalling your power DVD…”
We did a format and reinstall of Windows XP. Now granted WMP may not have the innate ability to read DVD movies but shouldnt Windows XP at least be able to explore the DVDROM and reveal its contents?

We’ll try removing all software and reinstalling PowerDVD again. I’ll be back…