[help] DVDR1640P - WinXPProSP2

Hi all!

i just made me a present for Xmas :slight_smile: Philips DVDR1640P,
but i have following problem:

Explorer in Windows XPProSP2 cant read(show content of) several DVDs.
If i burn multisession Data-DVD - Explorer shows only first session.

But i can read all the DVDs with IsoBuster… all files, all sessions…

please help me to solve this problem…

(sorry for my english :slight_smile: )
Thank you in advance!

. . . you need to write UDF file-system DVDs for areas over 1GB to be recognised.


Well I have problems very close to what you described on one and only one IBM laptop. Even used the paid Microsoft service to track down. It took weeks. It turned out to be left over DLL files from Roxio in the Window’s systems directories. After rename and reboot all was well. But this process took many hours and many support calls to MS climbing levels as we progressed.

It might just be easier to do a new clean WinXP-SP2 install !!!

Thank you!
I will try clean XP installation without SPs as soon as i get back to my
:slight_smile: i will then post short report on taken action…

@shoarthing I’m not sure about UDF… will double-check this…
but iirc i wrote DVD with UDF-file system… :confused:

d3fault - Hi - well, unless some occult XP-hassle is the cause, or unless you made some error with the burning process, IMHO the most plausible cause of Win32 only ‘seeing’ a first session is that subsequent-session TOCs are above 1GB & you didn’t use pure UDF.

  • what burning application were you using?

I’m using Nero which was bundled with this writer.
The funny thing is, if i have written normal Data-DVD (No Multisession) and
i then want to browse this disc, if i click on DVD-RW-icon explorer says “invalid operation” or sth like this… but IsoBuster reads everything…

OK - start up Nero, insert DVD RW, choose to make a new ‘DVD-ROM (UDF)’ - bang some data on it, burn . . does this read OK?

:frowning: no… nothing helps… neither clean install of winXP nor UDF-DVD…
writer has destroyed another couple of dvd+rs… :frowning:
i think i’ll bring it back and try to buy another one… i don’t know…