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Hi All,
Been using Dvdfab HD for sometime …no problems. Went for trial Dvdfab platinum…no problems. Jusy bought the full copy…problems. Tried copying Simpsons on main movie and it says copied OK but on playback on dvd player it freezes. Tried Transformers…same thing. Copied both on my other PC with shrink/nero both played OK. Any ideas out there tearing my hair out here (whats left of it):confused:

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With Simpsons try movie only, but do not use default.
Select title 1 angle 3 only.
If you let DVDFab select for you, it appears that a dummy chapter is copied.
DVDFab is not the only s/w to be misled by this feature.
With Transformers, if you have PowerDVD run DVD via this. But have information tab checked. (Right click on PowerDVD then in the popup menu go to Show information & click).
When movie starts check the info window to see which track is selected. (This is how I got the Simpsons movie to work.)

Will give it a try now…thanks for quick response.

Hi Botters and welcome to the club. Just curious, what kind of media do you use ? Also, do you have set booktype to dvd-rom checked in common settings? If not, checking it might help in the playback part of your burn with a varity of different burners ok. Just a thought. good luck. ~ Mike

Hi Mike,
Use Ritek DVD-r G05 used these for a number of years,very few beer mats.I checked the booktype no different. I can see the moment th original dvd freezes in the preview screen. Also zebade, tried the angle change,worked OK but in the film when the line comes along bottom of screen saying Fox also advertises on the big screen, this is in a foreign language with a small camera logo at top of screen.

Update to above… The movie in question is The Simpson movie…I have just copied it using Full disc instead of movie only and it copied and played OK. Did not change any angle settings or anything. Cannot understand why it will not let me copy movie only & freezes on preview screen.