Help - DVDFab produces judder when ripping for Ipod Touch ?!




I now use DVDFab Platinum for several years but only got an Ipod Touch since 2 weeks. Yesterday, I tried to copy CSI episodes (season 5) from the UK DVD to my Ipod using the Ipod Touch profile and 2-pass option.

The result is not what I expected :

  • first DVDFab always selects 29.97 fps by default in the encoding settings. The DVD is PAL. Shouldn’t the soft select 25 fps and only go with 29.97 if the original content is encoded in NTSC ?

  • I get a lot of judder when watching the output file. :sad:. I tried with 29.97 and 25 fps, 1 pass, 2 pass, it’s basically the same. I always have the same issue.

Is there anything I do wrong ?

Finally, does anyone know if the Ipod Touch would be able to read 640x480 rips ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I can;t answer your other questions, but I can tell you that a 640x480 will work just fine on a touch. Mine are all done at either 640x480 or 640x 360.


thanks for your answer.
I’ll try with 640 x 480 although I don’t understand why one would use such a resolution when the touch’s lcd is 420 x 380. Seems wired to me. :doh: