HELP! DVDFab Platinum only burns coasters; the trial version worked great?!?

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As Maineman said it won’t do harm,and it has an undo setting as well,just click clean registry,when it is done delete everthing it finds(I have found over 600 enteries before no problem with getting rid of them all).

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It was pretty late when I was typing that. I’ll try all this DMA/registry/reinstall stuff and let you all know…

I’ve updated my NEC drive firmware, deleted DVDFab entirely following the instructions in StormJumper’s sig INCLUDING running RegSeeker to clean the registry AND de-fragging my hard drive. I then re-installed DVDFab from a fresh download. I ran its DMA Reset feature, rebooted, and then set up DVDFab to burn a DVD9 of my folder of “The Queen” with VSO burning, DVD+R booktype set to DVD-ROM, 2.4x.

The burn log looks identical to before (including the “not applicable to this bus type” line), and I’ve verified the resulting disc by comparing it to a known blank off the spindle that it DVDFab IS burning something. However this is still a coaster. Windows sees it as a blank DVD, and the Oppo still throws fits.

I’m contemplating installing a newer set of NVidia NForce2 chipset drivers for this old motherboard to see if maybe that resolves my DMA problems (IF they’re DMA problems).

I find all this to be pretty ridiculous since I had previously just downloaded and installed DVDFab’s trial and was burning perfect copies right out of the gate, first try, with no options tweaks, firmware updates, registry cleaning, etc…

If Fengtao watches these forums, what are my options for a refund? I’m still going to try it on my new machine I’m building in a few days, but if that doesn’t work (P35 chipset, all SATA drives including the DVD burner) I’m throwing in the towel. With all the hardware and blank DLs I’m throwing at this I could just buy two copies of all my DVDs to start with. :slight_smile:

Any more ideas?

Thanks to all of you again,


The entry in the logs “info Not Applicable to this bus type” can be ignored, it is simply info.
If the software can see your writer it should be able to use it without problems.

Generally you will only see that in the logs when a SATA writer is used, but it is possible that some older chipset drivers and add-in cards will cause that also.

I have tried to look over this thread and do not see that anyone mentioned this. I saw that you said they would play from HD, but burn log does not contain the following source example:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\DVDFab\FullDisc\N_o_M

N_o_M = Name_of_movie. If you notice this movie was ripped to \FullDisc. This is my HD but yours may be something different, but if you did not change it this is where monies are saved when you do not delete.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\DVDFab\Temp?\N_o_M

Is the Temp dir that will auto delete when you go through the finish process. This is source for the burn even when using 2 drives. ? can be \FullDisc, \Clone, \Custom, or\ Mainemovie. If saved the \Temp goes away. I seem to remember that this was changed after 1st release so it is default unless you change it in common settingd on the first page. DVDFab ia a program that changes due to fixes or new requested features.

HEy hanesj75

I had the exact same problem with dvdfab platinum. After contacting dvdfab, my laptop mfgr,and countless hours on cd freaks, I was even more confused and had given up on the program. I didnt have an issue with the trial version,and seemed like it all started when I was prompted to update to a newer version of dvdfab. Dvdfab instucted me to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the software. I did this several times,with no luck. Then I noticed that when I uninstalled the program, that it didnt delete the dvdfab folders where the log and temp files are stored. I uninstalled the program from control panel/add remove programs. Then went to the dvdfab folders and deleted them. Then reinstalled current version of dvdfab. So far. all is working again. Dont know if I stumbled onto this,or if it just started working on its own.
But try this and see if it works for you. Nothing to lose but your initial purchase cost.
But I would be interested in whether or not this cures your problem.As I want to help others with this problem,but dont want to give bad info. Good luck and God Bless

FYI, in common settings> check “delete temp files when done”…

hanesj75 :They wont refund your purchase of dvdfab, as it is sold as try before you buy, and is sold as shareware. I tried that too.

Hey everybody,

Thought I’d post an update…

I had tried all your suggestions, including deleting EVERYTHING per the instructions on here (hidden folders, registry entries, etc…) and reinstalling… setting specific configurations and resetting DMA, etc… Nothing worked (but I do appreciate your help!!!).

I’ve since installed the latest version on my new Core 2 Duo machine running Vista Ultimate with an NEC OptiArc SATA DVD burner, and all is well again. This machine burns everything properly (and fast, too).

Thanks for all your help, this forum is the best!



hanesj75 thanks for the update and glad you are up and running :clap: