Help - DVD+RW formatting for packet writing

I’ve search the forums and there seems to be conflicting answers. I’m trying to format a Sony DVD+RW that has a media code RICOHJPN W11 with Nero InCD so I can use it like a floppy. I keep getting an error of “Error writing the disc. Please confirm that the disc is compatible with the drive and is not scratched or damaged” when I try to format the discs (they’re new)

I’ve seen some posts that say InCD doesn’t work with DVD-+RW’s, I’ve seen others say they have it working. If you have it working can you tell me what media you’re using and the manufacture? I’m talking about DVDRW’s plus or minus working with InCD on the NEC 3500 drive. If it doesn’t, why and will it be fixed. I’ve seen some people say you need Mount Rainier capable drives but I find that hard to believe since Mount Rainier is only suppose to speed up formatting, nothing else. Does any body know if the Pioneer 108 has the same problems? Any help / suggestions are appreciated.

As a note the disc work fine with Nero Buring Rom, the problem seems to be limited to InCD / packet writing.

I have the same problem and error message and also haven’t found clear information to let me know if the NEC 3500 should be able to packet write to RW disks. I’ve tried TDK branded DVD+RW (RICOHJPNW11) disks and Verbatim DataLifePlus 16x-24x CD-RW disks. I have no problem writing to the disks and erasing them, the problem is with packet writing using INCD I’ve been using INCD with the Verbatim CD-RW’s without problems on both a Yamaha and TDK CDRW burner for a couple of years. Is anyone successfully using INCD or other packet writing software with their 3500? If so, does it require a specific firmware or anything else special?


the 3500 doesn’t support mt. ranier which is the software necessary for packet writing so it therefore doesn’t support packet writing or incd. … in cd is a piece of crap anyway and causes problems… cds are so cheap you can just copy stuff off the old and burn a new one for a few cents… I recommend you remove incd from your system.

it causes all sorts of other problems…

Then please explain to me how I formatted a +RW with InCD on my 3500, wrote to it, and read it back just 30 minutes ago.

Mount Rainier is not needed in order to use InCD. Mount Rainier is not needed for packet writing. The main advantage of Mount Rainier is that it allows background formatting of rewritable discs.



What version of InCD do you have running. Thanks

I had problems with InCD, too.
Sonic DLA works perfectly for me.


InCD 4 additionally includes the following features:

  • [li]Works exclusively with rewriteable media (CD-RW, CD-MRW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW or DVD+MRW)
    [/li][li]Supports Windows 95B / 98 / 98SE / ME / NT4.0 (SP6) / 2000 (SP2) / XP and Server 2003
    [/li][li]Write to rewritable media like to a floppy
    [/li][li]Add, delete, append files and folders just like other rewritable storage media such as MO, floppy or hard disk
    [/li][li]SmartDetect Technology: this technology “sniffs out” your drive and makes it instantly supported
    [/li][li]Defective Block Management (DBM) for CD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RW in legacy mode
    [/li][li]Supports hot-plugging and Plug&Play devices under Windows 2000 and XP
    [/li][li]Format all blank rewritable media into UDF format
    [/li][li]Completely erase rewritable media
    [/li][li]Prevent disc eject during writing
    [/li][li]Compatible with the UDF reader included in Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP
    [/li][li]Written rewritable media are congruent with other standard UDF software
    [/li][li]Burn within applications
    [/li][li]Explorer embedded application

Ok, problem solved. After getting some DVD-RW disc and having the same format problem I was starting to get worried the NEC just didn’t support packet writing. After about an hour on Google I finally found a link that indicated InCD and Alcohol 120 could conflict with each other. So I uninstalled Alcohol 120 and the format with InCD went perfectly. Not the best solution because I like Alcohol 120 but a least I know the problem is not with the NEC drive. A big thanks to DirtyRobotFeet for your help. I knew Mount Rainier have nothing to do with it.