Help dvd/rw and cd/rw will not burn (Ricoh MP5240A)

[qanda]This thread is about the Ricoh MP5240A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]my ricoh dvd/rw burner will not recognize blank discs or burn any kind of media. it reads dvd roms with data already on but i cant get it to burn for the life of me.

any one know what the problem could be?

Your dvd burner is ancient as dvd burners go. It probably can’t recognize any newer media. Burners determine how to burn blank disks according to lists contained in the firmware of the drive…it recognizes them according to the id code included on the blank disk, and uses a specific burning strategy for each type. If it cannot recognize a disk, it defaults to a generic burning strategy which may produce poor burns, or completely failed burns.

Updating firmware is an option, but any newer firmware for this old a drive probably won’t help. Manufacturers stop making updates within a short time after releasing the drive to the public.

My advice is to buy a new drive. If you are in the US, you can get a good burner for less than $30 at Look at the Optiarc 72xx series or the Pioneer 116. As a direct replacement you will probably need a drive with an IDE interface.

how does it recognize newer dvd roms like the orange box?

i disagree somehow, ive burned with it before.

besides my other cd/rw does the same thing when i plug it in, i dont think its its age.

Reading a dvd rom is a different sort of thing than writing. It doesn’t rely on a list of media types. A dvd rom is a dvd rom is a dvd rom…that doesn’t change.

If you think this is something else, then there are some other things to look at. Check dma status of the drive for one. The important part to look for is Current Transfer Mode.

You can check the upper and lower filters in the registry.

guess ill just have to try and get a new drive, these tricks didnt work either. :frowning: