HELP!DVD ROM is not reading a DVD+RW

Hi!! Need some help here
My compaq DVD ROM is not reading a DVD+RW :confused: with data a friend gave me burned in his DVD burner.
My DVD came in my laptop, a Compaq Presario 12xl326. I have windows XP.
It normally reads CD-R and even a movie backup I have in DVD-R.

When I try to read the DVD+RW it says that the disk is not formatted, but I checked the DVD+RW at a friends computer and her computer is reading the DVD+RW perfect!
I don’t know what to do or why is not reading it

it’s possible that ur dvd-rom drive is incapable of reading dvd+rw discs. u can use nero infotool to see what types of discs ur drive can read.

Hi!! I download the Nero infotool Great tool!! and it says that my DVD ROM can read DVD-R, DVD-RW but not DVD+R or DVD+RW.:eek:
is there nothing I can do??, like update a driver or something?? :rolleyes:

Unfortunately not. There is a slight remote possibility a firmware upgrade could make your reader read all formats, but i seriously doubt it (and never found it)