Help! DVD Recorder for Parents?

I had a simple idea. Purchase a DVD Recorder for my parents in order to burn our dozens of childhood home movies (VHS) onto DVDs. A month later and 2 weeks til Christmas, I have a major headache from sorting through the limited information/reviews of DVD Recorders.

This is what I want:

  1. Simple to operate
  2. Single use: burn VHS tapes onto DVD (No real need to connect to TV, cable box, etc)
  3. Automatically inserts chapter stops (ideally thumbnail chapters, too)

It looked like the GoVideo machines fit the bill until I read all the horrendous reviews. Everything else on the market is much more machine than we need. I would send our videos out to a burn service but the cost is prohibitive given the number of tapes to copy.


One more thing, I need a machine that will copy onto a format readable by the majority of DVD players. I’ve read many criticisms of the Panasonic machines regarding disc compatibility.

HI! This is what I would do. Go to NEWEGG>com and get the lite-on lvw 5115ghc+ for your parents. I have 2 of these units my brother and a friend of mine each have one. We all like this unit. Hope this helped you.


Check out this site for reviews on dvd recorders

Samsung, Sony and pioneer all are the good ones and either of them fullfil the fob.

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If you really want to give them a gift, do the conversions yourself. Buy yourself a set-top machine, do the copies for them, then keep the machine. Everybody wins.