HELP!...dvd reading question

sorry if this is in the wrong forum… i have a TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E drive, and I had been using verbatim 4x dvd+r’s to burn…everything was fine. i switched to the verbatim 16x dvd+r’s once my pack of 4x’s ran out, and now my computer won’t read the disk. I can still burn movies onto the disc, i just cant read them. I also just downloaded the most recent firmware from the dell website, which hasnt helped…i think it was D.ON or something like that. any help greatly appreciated, thanks


It’s ok, I’ll move this thread.

You didn’t mentioned clearly, is it only a problem reading those burned 16x discs?

yes, i can read the 4x burned disks fine, my only problem is with reading the 16x burned disks. (the disks that i burned on my computer).

what forum are you moving this to?

That suggests that your drive does not like those verbatim 16x burned at 8x. I would try burning them at say 4x or try another brand. But first, is there a new firmware you can update to?

I moved this forum to Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.).

i did just update the firmware for the drive, i found a link in another thread for the same dvd burner. ill try burning them at a lower speed and see what happens… what also confused me is that they didnt work in a stand alone dvd player or a mac either, not to mention my dell. ill try that too, thanks