Help! DVD player won't play my backup dvd

:doh: I really hope that someone can help me! I used the dvdfab gold trial version and liked it so much that I bought it. Any movies that I backed up played great! Once I purchased it however any dvd’s that I backup say that the burn was successful but it wont play in my DVD player. This is really frustrating and I am worried that I made a bad decision about purchasing this product!

Does the original DVD play in your player?

your dvd player supports the media type? (-r or +r whatever you used) , your dvd player sucessfully played other burned movies before? some cheap ones cant , also if you burned to +r media, did you use bitsetting? , lets see if you used quality media, use dvdidentifier and take a screenshot , whats your burner? , can it do “disc quality” scanning in nero cd-dvd speed?..

Hey Hey hnsncln4
That is great news glad I was able to help you out :smiley: , the changes in common settings that I told you about are the best settings to use, they will give you better playback and no errors also will make any menus you use work very good.
Happy Burning my friend

Tim :cool: