Help - DVD not detected by DVD ROM


I have hp compaq nx7010 with TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R2512. It detects all of the dvds except the ones burned by my friend’s sony’s dvd writer. Those dvds are normal data discs and run well on all other computer systems, but my DVD ROM doesn’t even detect them. Please assist me in this problem.

Welcome priyedev,

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Exactly what type of content is on these dvd’s? It does make a difference. And, what brand are the dvd’s.

They have miscellaneous data like videos, MS word documents and some zipped
files(in winrar). The brand is writex and I have played many dvds from the same brand but written by my other friends.

Many things could be happening. If only dvd’s burned in your friends burner are the problem, it has to be something he is doing, or it is his burner, or his burner doesn’t like that particular brand of media. A dvd that burns good in your burner, my burn like crap in his burner

Are they DVD+Rs and bitset to DVD-ROM?
Would be the explanation.

Thanks for giving your time and support.I would avoid getting dvds from him, that seems to be the only solution.


If you turn back here by any chance, I’d say that you should have read chef’s question.
Your combo doesn’t read DVD+R (RW) - it only does read the minus format DVD-R(RW) and DVD-RAM (my notebook has a Tosh that does the same)
And can write only to DVD-R(RW).
So the only chance you have to read discs from that friend of yours it is to ask him to use DVD-R media or to use bitsetting for DVD+R, as a way that allows your drive to consider them as DVD-Roms and read them.
I’ve a Samsung player that does just like that, and these were me only options to use it to read the discs written by my Plextor.
At least I was not forced to refuse all my Plextor’s discs and it was just a drive, not a friend…

Some older Toshiba models have that problem reading DVD+R, either bitset or not, if their firmware were not updated…