HELP: DVD keep ejecting out of tray?

Hi! I have a Lite-On LTR-24102B CD-RW Recorder and a Nec 2500a Recorder. When I tried to copy a DVD, the Lite-On would just eject the disk back out. I tried a few DVDs and everytime it happened. Is there a setting that I am missing or I need a DVD player drive? Any help would be great. Thanks from a newbie!

cd-rw drives will not read from a dvd disc. you’ll need to copy the dvd as an image or as files [depends what you intend to do with the copy] from the nec to a folder on your hard drive, insert a blank dvd, then burn the dvd image to it.

you need a dvd drive, they are cheap and only cost like $20

Oops, feel so stupid now!
Is there any recommendations for a DVD drive???
I’m not sure what brands are good.

ermmmm… a plextor is the best, but most expensive, i have found sonys to be very good, as are lite-on :slight_smile:

I was thinking about the Toshiba or Lite-On from NewEgg. Any idea about it?