Help DVD ISO wont run in my pc?

Hi guys, i need a little help with something. I was recently in Europe and i bought the game Far Cry, i guess it was on DVD format. When i came home i asked my buddy to make a backup of it for me (hes all into this kinda stuff) Anyways long story short, he gave me back my original copy of the game, and a dvd that he said an iso. image of the game on it and that he tested it and it works. He said just pop it into the dvd rom of my pc and install the game…

Well my problem is that he is out on a tour (Navy), and i cant get a hold of him, and when i put the dvd he made me into my drive i just get a window popping up showing the contents of the dvd…which is just a large .iso file. How can i get this file to run? or how can i see the contents of the iso? I thikn maybe im missing a step or something on how i would get this to work…any help would be appreciated.

You need emulaton software to view the contents of the ISO. Alcohol 120% is my favorite. Once you isntall that, you can just right-click on the ISO and click mount image. Then you’ll be able to view the contents. IsoBuster is also another program that can read ISOs.

thank you =)

or nero imagedrive wil do a better job, why your friend didnt burn the iso contents i am unsure as the iso couldnt have retained the copy protections. oh well :slight_smile: