Help - dvd is stuck in "create menu"

Hopefully someone will be able to help me on this - as I really need to solve this problem asap…

I bought a “sale” philips dvd recorder 610 a little while ago but when I got it home the tray kept sticking. Under warranty it went back for fixing and I have now got it back and am checking it out before wrapping it up for my Mum for Christmas (hence the urgency of the problem!)
I’ve managed to get it to find the 5 main TV channels and play a pre-recorded DVD and then tried to record something off the TV. All seemed to be going well and then it got to the end of the recording and came up with “create menu”. Eventually I found this in the manual - ‘message will come up when writing the contents to menu on a new disc. Message will disappear when finished writing’.
The message has been there for almost 2 hours!! None of the buttons do anything - I can’t even switch it off. Shall I pull the plug? What will happen if I do? Does it need to go away for more fixing (my Mum will be mad cos she knows she is getting this recorder and wants it to record stuff over Christmas - her vcr has finally gone to the electrical scrapheap in the sky!)

I don’t know a lot about dvd players, having never had one myself - and I’m hoping that someone is online now to help me PLEASE!
The disc is a TDK DVD+RW if that makes any difference.

Someone please help - I don’t know whether to pull the plug or not? Are there any other options???

Hi Suzette, I don’t own a Philips dvd recorder so I can’t be very specific, but yes I think you should pull the plug (which you’ve probably done by now) and leave it unplugged for at least 10 min. Hopefully the eject button will work after switching it on again and you should then try with a new blank disc. Test the Erase function of the drive before recording again (even with a new disc). If you keep having problems, look in the manual for a restore to factory settings procedure or return the unit for replacement. Good luck!