Help! DVD FLICK problem

HELP! I used DVD to encode to the “Project Destination Folder”, but forgot to burn dvd when done. How do I get DVDFLICK to simply burn the dvd from there now. (Video TS and Audio TS folders are already encoded there for sure).

Thanks in advance.

BTW, I need to use DVD Flick (don’t ask).

Several options available:

  1. Open Imgburn and have it build and burn to DVD
  2. Run DVDFlick again and burn this time
  3. Open DVDShrink, point it to the files, and have it build the ISO, then burn
  4. Look for a guide to do any of the above in the mentioned software.

Thanks Old Man,

Thought it was easier than that. But, I’ll just run the DVD Flick again, faster than doing anything else I guess.