help-DVD firmware upgrade bad and region problem

I have a 163GH4W that would not play DVDs as would not set to any region. I decided to try new firmware. I went to Liteon web site and all I could find was 163GH5Q.exe(it was closest). The drive now does not function what so ever. I have since found the file D163GH4W.exe and want to put that in but when I try it says I have incorrect drive for this one. Do I need to some how purge the bad (incorrect one) out to get the new one in. Or will I have to use the software I have seen menitoned on this website(MTKFLASH)

-also any idea why it won’t set to a region type? I have ohter DVD drives and they all work fine and are set to region 1(in other systems. This one just stays at undefined.

That Windows flash utility stinks. Liteon (JLMS) must know that there Windows utility is causing some really bad things to happen by now. Try the link below, digi has a excellent site with all the necessary files and instructions on how to reflash your drive.


Update 165H firmware in winxp, You have to turn off dma mode,
change into pio mode.
It will work perfect.