Help Dvd drive scans in one computer, but not in the other



I am just a bit worried. the other night i wanted to put my dw1620 in this computer:

mobo: D101GGC
NorthBridge : ATI RS400/RC400/RC410
SouthBridge : IXP SB400 PCI-ISA Bridge

P4 530
1G ram. (i don’t see how any other info would help, but ask if needed)
windows XP pro

Um it was on secondary master with my benq 5232W all jumpers are correctly set. Yes it’s a 80wire ide cable. I have no idea why but the scans go crazy on it. the percent completed goes back and forth and the speed goes nuts all the way from 0.45 to 246x. Basically it won’t scan normally.


Here are two examples of scans done. that went nuts one of a cd on the dw1620 and the other of a dvd on the 1610


Oh yeah thanks for moving my thread someone :smiley:


Try different media.


THanks for the reply :smiley: but I have tired ritek, sony, fujifilm, imation and verbatum. All give similary scans to the crazy ones on this system, but good scans (well the quality media) on the another :frowning:


I seem to have found that i had 40wire ide for my hdds and 80 pin for my drives. somehow that was messing with the drives. Since after i changed the hdd cable to 80wire things actually work! YAY. what a wierd thing. I only noticed this while helping someone else XD