Help! dvd drive installed old drive not working

I just had my plextor 716a installed by micro center. Before I had it installed, my dvdrom was on d drive and my old cdrw was on e drive. After installation, they switched my dvdrom to E drive and installed the plextor dvdrw on D drive. Also, I can’t watch movies on the dvdrom. I put in Steven Kings “TheStand” and when I opened it, all I see are the audeo and video ts files but nothing comes on. It works on the plextor dvdrw drive though.
What going on here? I should be able to watch movies and play music cd’s on the dvdrom drive too right? I know it was working before I took it in. How am I going to use my dvdrom to play movies and use the dvdrw to record if the dvdrom doesn’t work?

Please help! :sad:

although i don’t suggest enabling AutoPlay on any optical drive (due to the DRM crap on many CDs these days)…

right click on the DVD-ROM drive…go to Properties. select the AutoPlay tab and configure what program you’d like to use to play the DVD and/or CD (most likely Windows Media Player for you).

Still doesn’t work

but you can double click the drive and see AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders? if so, it’s not the drive, but rather a software configuration issue…