Help DVD Drive DMA reset to PIO



While using DVDFab HD Decrypter I recieved a read error. I tried again and discovered that the transfer rate was much slower. I then discovered that Under System, Device Manager, the transfer rate for the drive had been reset to PIO. I tried to reset it and although I have set it to DMA if applicable the current transfer rate is still showing PIO. I even tried Nero DMA manager to reset it and restarted, but still it shows current transter rate PIO. How do I correct it. I am using Windows XP SP2.


Uninstall the IDE controller channel that the drive is on, then reboot.


Thanks, can you briefly explain how to do this as I am new to XP.


Right-click on the controller channel, (same place you check the DMA status), and select “uninstall”.


Thanks for all your assistance.